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If you are on the Internet looking for information on eFoods Global, you are probably trying to figure out if eFoods Global is the right company for you. In this review you will find an unbiased third party opinion from someone who decided not to join the company. I will provide information on the history of the company, the products that they sell, their Compensation Plan, and most importantly, what you need to know if you want to become really successful with eFoods Global!

Again, please keep in mind that I am not involved with eFoods Global in any capacity so you will be receiving an “outsiders view” of the company and whether or not their business plan is a great opportunity….or instead just another hyped up MLM! CISSP Training Course in Dubai

Who Is eFoods Global?

eFoods Global has been around since the beginning of fourth quarter 2010 and was co-founded by Steve Shenk. Although eFoods Global is a relatively new company, it’s sister company, eFoods Direct has been business for 30 years and was also co-founded by Steve Shenk. The business is based in Utah and has a very sound management team that understands their industry and has decades of experience!

What Does eFoods Global Market?

eFoods Global markets dehydrated foods that are designed for long-term storage. Think of a “food reserve” for your family in case there is ever a disruption of your food supply. Have you ever thought about what you would do in case of a severe natural disaster, national economic meltdown, or even an extended period of unemployment? Without food and water things will get real ugly quickly!

The company provides healthy foods made without unhealthy additives, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, MSG or any of the crap that has infiltrated most of our food supply. eFoods Global’s meals are designed to be stored for 15 years and have a maximum shelf life of 25 years.

For people who understand just how fragile our food supply is in times of crisis, eFoods Global products make a tremendous amount of sense. We should probably all have a backup plan when it comes to food, water, shelter and money (gold & silver coins) in case we have a minor disruptive event or something much more serious!

eFoods Global has a fairly wide selection of meals for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a variety of soups, bread, biscuits, muffins, pancake mix, snacks, beverages and approximately a dozen different entrĂ©es. All around, a pretty good selection of food….particularly if you get in a situation where you really need it.

The eFoods Global Compensation Plan

Distributors, or Independent Business Owners (IBO) as they are referred to with this business get paid five different ways. They earn 25% on their retail sales. They also have a weekly Fast Start bonus where you can earn up to 75% of your new enrollees’ initial orders.

The eFoods Global compensation plan utilizes a Unilevel Commission structure that pays out up to 39% of the commissionable volume down 9 levels depending on your rank. There is also a monthly Lifestyle Bonus where 2% of the company’s global commission pool is paid out to those who qualify.

The fifth way they compensates their IBO’s is with their Global Leadership Pools. One pool pays out 5% on monthly volume and the second pays out 3% on a quarterly basis to those IBO’s that reach certain volume levels.

What Do You Want To Achieve With eFoods Global?

Are you looking to just make a few hundred dollars per month with your eFoods Global business or do you want to build a large successful business? If you have done any research on the MLM industry, or you are already experienced, you already know that 97% of the people that attempt to build a network marketing business fail to generate any substantial income….regardless of the company they choose to work!

Picking a great company with an awesome compensation plan that you can really get fired up about is really only a small part of the equation concerning your potential success! You must copy the actions of the top 1% instead of the bottom 97% if you want to have success with your eFoods Global business!

What It Will Take To Be Really Successful With eFoods Global?

If you really want to build a successful eFoods Global business, or any other MLM, what you really are going to need to do is learn how to effectively market your business. It really does not matter what company you go with if you do not know how to cost effectively get your message in front of 50 to 100 or more people per day….every day!

Being successful in eFoods Global, or any other Network Marketing, is a numbers game! There are only a certain number of people in the general population that are interested in, and capable of, building their own home-based business at any given time. You must have a way to attract to you the type of people that will at least be interested in hearing about your business opportunity. Then you must have a highly automated system for sorting and sifting your leads to separate out the real prospects from the suspects.


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